Laser-Cabins, Laser axes, Laser beam guides and more ...

Our product portfolio also includes the corresponding Laser cabins, Laser housings or enclosures. We are also happy to supply you with high-quality Z-axes, rotary axes, base plates and Laserbeam guides as components for your Lasersystem.

Thanks to our long-standing contacts with the manufacturer MHX Precision Mechanical, we can provide you with all the necessary components to realize your desired solution. Let us provide you with expert advice.

We are also happy to customize the desired products for you with the colors of your choice or with the engraving of your desired logo. Please contact us for data sheets, drawings or further technical information on Laser cabins, beam guides or Laser axes .

MHX Laser Accessories

MHX Precision Mechanical motorized Z-axis, base plate and Laser housing

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With us you will find the right Laser housings, axles and more...

Laser Enclosures, Laser cabins or enclosures are important for maximum safety when working with Lasercomponents. We offer you a wide range of Laserhousings. In addition, all types of axles, base plates, beam guides and other Lasersystem components.

Our products impress with their excellent price-performance ratio. We are also able to customize the desired components specifically to your wishes and requirements. Contact us, we are sure to find the right Lasersystem components for you.