Innotech Laser cooperates with Huaray DPSS laser

At Innotech Laser we offer DPSS lasers from HUARAY whose quality and performance we have trusted for years. You will find among our DPSS laser portfolio Nanosecond DPSS laser, Picosecond DPSS laser, Femtosecond DPSS laser. In a personal conversation we will determine together with you, which DPSS laser is best suited for your laser application. Please contact us for data sheets, step files or further technical information on the DPSS laser beam sources listed.

Huaray DPSS Laser

Official Distributor for Huaray Precision Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. in Germany, Hilden.

Pro and cons for DPSS lasers 

DPSS laser replace the gas lasers and flashlamp-pumped lasers. The benefits are a compact laser unit, a higher electrical to optical efficency. The powerdensity and beam quality are improved due to the fact, that less heat is introduced by the pumping source and the lifetime is much longer. On the other hand the laserdiodes are quiet expensive which can increase the initial investment.