With us you will find the ideal Lasersystem components for your Laser applications

As an official sales partner of well-known Lasersystem manufacturers and as the Raycus Fiberlaser Customer Center Europe we guarantee you excellent advice and service directly from the Lasersystem experts as well as short delivery times for our Lasersystem components at an excellent price-performance ratio.

For more than 15 years Innotech Laser GmbH has been supplying certified Lasersystem components such as fiberlaser, DPSS-Laser, CO2-Laser, galvanometer scanners, Laser optics, Laser cooling systems, Laser cutting optics, Laser welding optics and Laser control cards including software.

Our Lasersystem components are used in a wide range of industries and Laser applications such as Lasercutting, Laserwelding, Lasermarking, Lasercleaning and Laser 3D printing.

Contact us - we would be happy to support you and your projects with the right Lasersystem components.

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Raycus fiberlaser
Huaray DPSS Laser
DaVi CO2 Laser


Fiber LaserDPSS LaserCO2 Laser

Laser Galvo scanner

Our own brand innoSCAN II galvanometer scanner


Laser Optics

F-Theta lenses and other Laser optics for all Laser applications


F-ThetaBeam expander & beam combiner


Network and control your Laserprocesses



HALaser SystemsBeijing JCZ Controls

Laser Accessories

We round off our product portfolio with the right Laser accessories

Cooling systemsCutting/welding opticsCabins & axles

Laser Spare parts

We offer a large selection of Laser spare and wear parts

Protective glassesNozzles

For you, we are much more than just a supplier of Lasersystem components

You can expect more from Innotech Laser than from other providers: We know your requirements for modern industrialLaser and are a first-class contact and solution provider for all Lasersystems and Lasercomponents.

Excellent advice on all Laser topics

Benefit from our extensive knowledge of Lasersystems. We have been advising customers throughout Europe since 2007, independently of manufacturers and systems. For you, this means

  • broad know-how of Laser applications, industries and sectors
  • Laser-Expertise from fiberlasern to CO2-Laser to solidslasern
  • Individual configurations or customer-specific systems
  • all the experience gained from tests in our own Laser laboratory, and much more.

Best contacts for Laser- and optics manufacturers

As our customer, you enjoy the many benefits of our long-standing contacts with renowned manufacturers of Lasersystems and Lasercomponents:

  • broad delivery spectrum, from beam source to control card
  • in-depth knowledge of the configuration options
  • very short delivery times for Lasersystems and spare parts
  • Warranty services for well-known manufacturers such as Raycus
  • experienced technicians for service, maintenance and repair

We represent and offer service for the following manufacturers:

We help with configuring, installing and repairing your Laser

Whether setting up a new system, repairing or upgrading your existing system - we help you to make optimum use of the Lasersystems and Lasercomponents. For example, we offer you

  • Configuration and individualization of Lasercomponents
  • Installation and commissioning of Lasersystems
  • Repair and maintenance of Lasersystems, remotely or on site
  • Emergency service and spare parts as well as loan systems to keep your business running

What are you waiting for? We are here for you!

Contact us now if you have any questions about practical applications or Laser components. With us you will meet experts for

  • Selecting and specifying the right Laser components
  • Setting up, configuring and installing the Lasersystems
  • Adjustment and troubleshooting during the ongoing process
  • Further development of Laserapplications with new Lasercomponents
  • Service, maintenance and repair of Lasersystems

Some applications in which you can benefit from our expertise

Raycus fiberlaser


Laserwelding enables the production of high-quality welded joints with low distortion.

More about Laserwelding
Raycus fiberlaser

Laser 3D printing

Laser Additive manufacturing or Laser-based 3D printing is a revolutionary manufacturing technology for the production of prototypes and sample parts.

More about Laser-3D printing
Galvo Scanner


The cleaning of surfaces with Laser technology offers numerous application possibilities in various industries.

More about Laser cleaning
Laser Optics


Lasersystems are tools that are low-wear and versatile. They are therefore used in almost all industries for cutting materials.

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